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DOS.putin ” B4UNM'86 “

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Vapor Funk


DOS.pütin “I Want, An End”

More funky, moist and misty VHS ephemera from DOS.pütin and the Bassmobile… Excited for the “California Vapors” combo cassette tape and VHS release coming from bassmobile.org, out soon later this spring

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DOS.putin “Alpha Betacam Acid”

Pulsing polysynths, sampled drums, and a melancholy lead line pump beneath this vocoded dark electro rebirth of a classic piece of 116 year old Victorian poetry. The poem written around 1896 is ascribed by some to reflect the writers unfulfilled longings and lust for relationships with other men. In classic form, the poems’ wistful evocation of doomed desires likened to restlessness, sickness and death, may leave chills on the spine of the reader. In new form, as the words from an Android, and it’s longing for the love and lust of human beings. At the tracks finale a reprise of the first verse is combined with a ripping synth solo. The listener can truly feel the emotion of these words come to life through the power of analog synths and vocoder in this electro masterpiece.

Michael Robinson’s remix of “Others…” completely reshapes the sonic pallet. The track melodies and vocal lines are restructured and woven into his lavish soundscape of sparkling FM synthesis and massive walls of saw waves. As a final touch, Michael’s use of filters and ambient field recordings of public spaces around London breaths bits of human life through waves of synthesizers and drum machines.
released 01 July 2012 
Composed by: Moиöcням
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: J.Nilsson at Bassmobile, Portland Oregon

Mixed by: Michael Robinson at Agency REPUBLIC, London, UK
Mastered by: J.Nilsson at Bassmobile, Portland Oregon

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