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Understanding battery capacity and energyMay 01, 2019

Rating capacity and C-rate C-rate is used to scale the charge and discharge current of a battery. For a given capacity, C-rate is a measure that indicate at what current a battery is charged and discharged to reach its defined capacity. Charging at a 1C rate, loads a battery that is rated at say – 1000Ah at 1000-Amps during one hour. To break that down; at the end of 1 hour at a 1C charge…

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Do you really need a long range EV?April 25, 2019

The data According to the US DOT Federal Highway Administration, the average annual miles per vehicle, per year, is 12,334. This is based on total annual miles traveled by all cars in the US, that is 3.5 billion cars – (highway trucks and commercial vehicles are not included) This number is divided by the total number of vehicle registrations 247 million . The data comes from the 2017 annual…

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